Are you still unsatisfied after battling the cybernetic Wawel dragon during last year’s CONFidence Flag Hunt? Together with the 17 53c foundation, we invite you to the newest and even more interesting edition of 2024!

This time, together with another Krakow legend, the destructor – Pan Twardowski, you will set off to conquer the universe, visit the moon, and try to retrieve the flags from only such inn – Rome. Will you evade the lurking Beelzebub and save your lives?

Flag Hunt will occur on the event’s first day, May 27th. The contest will be open to CONFidence on-site attendees. Participants will be presented with a site, where 16 flags of varying levels of complexity will be hidden. An additional 4 flags will be hidden at the venue to heat the atmosphere.

Bring your laptops, as most of the flags will not be visible at a glance and some tools from the hacker’s arsenal may come in handy to uncover them. Visit the 17 53c stand during the conference – the team will be happy to give hints and help solve any technical problems. Cool prizes await the winners!

You can act independently or find some teammates. Participants playing together as part of teams should have one account in the contest system. The prize per place is determined regardless of the number of team members. Details will be announced before the conference.