How to become a legend

Have you ever wondered how people become legends? Everyone has the same chance, you just have to do something special! We have prepared that chance for you.

We are looking for people who have a great topic for CONFidence.

If you have a feeling that you can be one of them, and you want to become legends or you actually are one of them, please send us your application using our e-mail: cfp[at]

During this edition we will have one special track - OLDSCHOOL.

We will come back to the roots! One of the tracks will be an oldschool - thanks to which, you will come back to the beginning and watch best of the best speeches from the very first edition till now.

There will also be a live track. This year we are looking for speakers, who belong to one of two categories below:

1. Legends - speakers who had already took part at CONFidence
2. Born to be legends - those who want to become a legends

Share your most recent success, research, publication, discovery, investigation or solution on stage at CONFidence 2021!