This year we STARTED early! The first CONFidence Class Workshops took place on December 13th.

What is CONFidence Class?
It’s a series of cybersecurity workshops and lectures for teenagers happening monthly in the AGH Telecommunication faculty.

Who can take part?
Everyone who considers themselves interested in the wide topic of cybersecurity and information security. You don’t have to be an expert in the area! The classes are prepared to meet the skills of high school students.

What happened during the first meeting?

The lecture was led by Maciej Krzyżaniak — an expert in cybersecurity currently working in GSK as a part of a blue team as IT Security Analyst. His duties include incident analysis, treat hunting and process automatization.

During the lecture called: “Bezpieczeństwo zaczyna się od Ciebie” Maciek told the attendees about: Security of online games, forums and social media portals. He will tackle the topic of password databases leakage. Based on the real life examples he will show you what to do not to get caught, how to create strong passwords and how to store them safely.

You can find more information here: