Join us at EXPO Kraków

Big news - CONFidence is moving! We took all of your suggestions into account while planning the upcoming edition and this year we’re meeting at a new venue - EXPO Kraków (ul. Galicyjska 9).

What does it mean?
- LOTS of space. Like a lot. No queues, no crowd, just fun. 
- Cool lecture rooms to make sure everyone has great sound & visibility. 

What stays the same?
- The unique party-like vibe of CONFidence - we’re not making excuses when it comes to networking and enjoying your time at the conference. 
- The PEOPLE - because that’s what it’s all about. Talks & workshops are important, but without passionate experts on stage and their audience it wouldn’t work.

Now it’s your move. 
Become a part of this new step in CONFidence history and register for the conference!