Program Committee

Gynvael Coldwind (Google)

(Krakow Edition ONLY)

Programmer-enthusiast with passion for computer security and low-level aspects of computer science, also the author of numerous articles, publications, podcasts and presentations devoted to these topics.

In 2013 in Las Vegas he received (together with Mateusz Jurczyk) the Pwnie Award in the category "Most Innovative Research" in the field of computer security, granted for their paper titled: Identifying and Exploiting Windows Kernel Race Conditions via Memory Access Patterns. Captain and co-founder of "Dragon Sector" - one of the best teams of Security CTF in the world. Since 2010 he lives in Zurich, where he works for Google as Senior Software Engineer / Information Security Engineer.

Wojciech Dworakowski(SecuRing)

IT security consultant with over 10 years of experience in the field. OWASP Poland Chapter Leader and managing partner at SecuRing. Has led multiple security assessments and penetration tests especially in the sector of financial services and public institutions. A lecturer at many security conferences, e.g. AppSec EU, BSides London, SECURE, CONFidence, Security Audit and Management Forum. Main areas of interests include: financial systems security, malware prevention, threat modelling, security in development lifecycle.

Adam Haertle ( )

Until recently CSO of a large polish telecommunications company, currently editor in chief of an infosec portal, journalist, researcher, lecturer and trainer. Former ISACA Poland and CSA Poland Board member. Regular speaker at security-oriented conferences, big fan of security and privacy who does not always follow his own advice.

Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk(Google)

Mateusz is a co-founder of the Dragon Sector CTF team and a big fan of memory corruption. His main areas of interest are client software security, vulnerability exploitation and mitigation techniques, and delving into the darkest corners of low-level kernel internals with a very strong emphasis on Microsoft Windows. He currently works as a security engineer in the Project Zero team at Google.

Piotr Konieczny(

He has been helping the biggest Polish and foreign companies to secure networks and web services for 13 years. Graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University. He started working in the IT industry at the British department of Philips Electronics. Founder of, a consultancy company analyzing IT projects in terms of security.

As part of, Piotr manages a team performing audits and penetration tests of ICT systems, and conducts trainings for administrators and programmers in the field of computer network protection, as well as creation of secure web applications.

Adam Lange(Standard Chartered)

Adam is a Head of Cyber Threat Hunting Team in Global Cyber Defense Centre for one of the largest global financial institution. In spare time he hunts threat actors, doing malware analysis and coding security tools and systems. Adam has a over two decades of IT and IT Security experience at offensive (red) and defensive (blue) side. Frequent speaker at security related conferences such as Confidence, SECURE, Security bSides Warsaw and What The H@ck. Retro gaming and Demoscene fan.

Gaweł Mikołajczyk(Tieto)

Gawel is running, building and growing Security Operations at Tieto. Before that, Gawel was responsible for building, growing and running Cisco Managed Security EMEAR Operations Centre (SOC) in Krakow, Poland and Tokyo, Japan.

Earlier, Gawel spent almost a decade in Architect, Security Consulting and Systems Engineering roles at Cisco. He holds numerous industry certificates, including CCIE #24987, CISSP-ISSAP, CISM, CISA, C|EH and SFCE. Gawel is a frequent speaker at IT conferences, such as Cisco Live! Europe, Australia, PLNOG, EuroNOG, Security B-Sides, CONFidence, Cisco Connect, Cisco Expo and Cisco Forums.

Michał Purzyński

Michal Purzynski leads the Threat Management and Incident Response at Mozilla. His team hunts threat actors and helps to protect hundreds of millions of Firefox users. He designed and created managed security services on a datacenter scale, and moved to Mozilla to continue making bad guys life’s miserable. He built the Network Security program, including the Network Security Monitoring system spanning three continents, eight countries, and a cloud. Michal publishes the code for the Bro IDS, spins Suricata above and beyond 40Gbit/sec and makes sure Mozilla has means to detect attacks and respond to them with a "they didn't even know what hit them" efficiency. He continued sharing his knowledge at various conferences, such as SuriCon and BroCon. Michal is also a member of the Bro IDS Board of Directors.

Przemysław Skowron (White Cat Security)

Threat Hunter in global cyber security operations team for one of the largest global financial institution.

He has over a dozen years of experience as a member of offensive teams ("red team") and defensive ("blue team"). Advocate of learning different approaches and combining them - without clinging to one dogma (dogma <- Am God).

Hanna Tułowiecka(Krak White Hat)

From the beginning of her career she's been dealing with the development of telecommunications software (WCDMA, LTE) for one of the leading suppliers of products and services on the telecommunications market. She currently works in the area of IDAM security on ENM platform used by operators to manage mobile network.

Active participant and speaker at events and conferences (Security Bsides 2014, Secure 2015, Security Case Study 2016). The initiator and organizer of the popular meetings on IT security in Krakow - Krak White Hat.