CONFidence 6

19-20 listopada 2009

Kino “Femina” Warszawa




About conference

The second edition of CONFidence in 2009 took place in November. For the first time, we decided to leave Krakow and move to Warsaw.

Once again, we were able to proudly announce that our conference was hosting the world-renowned technological speakers. The main point of the agenda was Richard Thieme - a former priest who was initially interested in technology to see if it can enrich his religious activities. Over the years, he became an extremely valued specialist, cooperating, among others from the National Security Agency or Microsoft. Thieme became famous for his opulent hacker culture. He came to CONFidence, to give an intriguing lecture in which he connected the topic of hacking with... ufology. Besides Thieme, Jacob Appelbaum appeared at CONFidence once again.

CONFidence No. 6 was marked by the same strong points as previous editions - strong cast, interesting hacking and sports competitions, a surprising after-party and a dense climate. We gave Warsaw a chance, which turned out to be hospitable to us, but we returned with great enthusiasm to our beloved Krakow, at CONFidence 7.


Richard Thieme Keynote
Jacob Appelbaum "Tor talk"
Eddie Schwartz "Fusing Third Party Threat Feeds to Obtain Better Threat Intelligence"
“FX” Felix Lindner "Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics"
Gynvael Coldwind "Practical security in computer games"
Frank Breedijk "AutoNessus: analyzing vulnerability assessment data the easy way…"
Leonardo NVE Egea "Playing in a Satellite environment 1.2"
Bernardo Damele, Guido Landi "Expanding the control over the operating system from the database"
Gareth Heyes "XSS Lightsabre techniques using Hackvertor"
Claudio Criscione "The glass cage. Virtualization security"
Michael “theprez98″ Schearer "Pen Testing the Web with Firefox"
Alessio Penasilico, Raoul Chiesa "Frauding telcos: a full history (1980/2009)"
Nadia Heninger "Practical information on the “cold boot” attack"
Nick DePetrillo "The Power Hungry People"
Dragorn, RenderMan "Wireless threats; They’re not dead yet!"
Raoul Chiesa "Underground Economy: why we should be fully-updated on this topic: InfoSec players, Finance world, citiziens"
Moti Joseph "Microsoft patches little sister but forgets big brother"
José Parada Gimeno, Chema Alonso "How easy SQL Injection bugs defeat the most famous Web vulnerability scanners"
Przemysław Frasunek "Vulnerabilities in FreeBSD Kernel"
Mario Heiderich "JavaScript From Hell"
Sandro Gauci "VoIP security"
Elisa Jasinska "Power Point Karaoke introduction to the social event"
Jesse Burns "Exploratory Android Surgery"
Łukasz Bromirski "How to attack and disrupt enterprise environments – a practical view."
Pavol Luptak "Mifare Classic attacks in practice"
Tomasz Kopacz "Microsoft SDLC"