CONFidence 2

Politechnika Krakowska


About conference

2006 was the year when Joanna Rutkowska, one of the most renowned IT Sec experts, joined the ranks of the CONFidence speakers. Besides her we had a pleaseure to host a talk by Krzysztof Maćkowiak - IT Sec specialist interested in cryptology, the creator of the website

One of the most popular were talks by Błażej Miga and Jarosław Sojko, experts responsible for finding bugs in apps such as Gadu-Gadu, and wpkonakt. The first one talked about „Hacking Apache Web Server”, and Jarosław Sojko has presented his findings on the iptables program for Linux. Maciej Baryłko from ComputerWorld has talked about „High-End Hacking: Next generation techniques”.