CONFidence LONDON 17

4 October 2018

Studio Spaces London




About conference

This was not another typical Fintech conference focusing on startups, VC, or visionary ideas. This was IT Sec MEETING FINANCE in its most technical form.

It was meeting of 200 hackers who defend (or attack) financial institutions every day.

We were talking about hacking voice biometrics and strategies for corporate security officers. Case-studies of phishing of financial institutions and of an authorised attack on VC and its investments. Step-by-step attack evaluations of financial systems and vulnerability analysis methods for pentesters. Web application vulnerabilities on examples from the financial sector. Banks' perspectives on detecting and fighting customer's device infections. And that’s only the beginning.

Take your tie off and join us. Open discussions on current IT sec trends. No business-like venue, no ties, no official talk. Deep-dive info and fun only. And most important - relaxed vibe. It’s not a place for marketing gibberish or C-level discussions.


Aman Sachdev,
Himanshu Sharma
Hacking 50 Million users using 123456
Adam Lange Detecting Man-In-The-Browser banking malware in practice
Wiktor Szymański,
Mateusz Nalewajski
Don’t attend this lecture
Peter Kruse The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing – Undressed
Mark Johnson Financial Services & Emerging Threats
Jakub Kaluzny Does it take AI to break your AI? Hacking voice biometrics and whatnot. Video
Damian Rusinek Outsmarting smart contracts - an essential walkthrough a blockchain security minefields
Dani Goland,
Ido Naor
Modern Cyber-Warfare Against Crypto-Currency Exchanges: The 15 Billion Dollar Heist Video
Bartosz Jerzman Understanding and detecting Command & Control communications
Pedro Fortuna Using Application Real-time Monitoring to Hunt Malicious Injections Video
Marcin SzydłowskI Insecure HTTP Headers - web application vulnerabilities, which your developers are probably not aware of. Video
Sang Sik Lee Evaluation of the financial system vulnerability analysis with the attacker's perspective


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