CONFidence LONDON 16

4-5 June 2018

Polish Aviation Museum, Kraków





About conference

2018 edition of CONFidence Conference in Kraków beat its own record once more! With over 1100 attendees enjoying the high quality and diversity of presentations, possibility to meet world-renowned experts, outstanding venue and general vibe of the conference, CONFidence sets new goals for the future of IT security community.

What is so special about CONFidence? It’s all about the program - this year’s lectures were the main reason for most of the attendees to join the conference, and it was also considered the best element of the event afterwards. Such success is possible thanks to the engagement of speakers and cooperation with IT sec communities.

And as practical knowledge is also extremely important, everyone appreciated exchanging experiences with other professionals in an open, relaxed atmosphere. Now you know why 94% of our attendees would recommend CONFidence to their friends.


Mario Heiderich XSS is dead. We just don't get it. Video
Julio Cesar Fort It's a trap! - Remote detection of low and medium interaction Video
Michele Spagnuolo,
Lukas Weichselbaum
Google's journey with CSP and what's next Video
Michał Purzyński They didn't know what hit them. Network security monitoring on a massive scale. Video
Adam Lange,
Adam Haertle
30 przedstawień jednego aktora - polskie kampanie malware w 2017 Video
Marcin Siedlarz Everything’s Connected aka Threat Intelligence 102 Video
Jakub Kałużny Pentesting Voice Biometrics Solutions Video
Eldar "Wireghoul" Marcussen Attacking web servers via run time configuration Video
Himanshu Sharma,
Aman Sachdev
From 123456 on a staging to compromising a multi-million dollar VC - The journey of us Red Teamers of a hack spanning over 200 days
Paweł Rzepa Hunting for the secrets in a cloud forest Video
Ido Naor,
Dani Goland
Myth Busters: The DLP Edition Video
Raoul Chiesa HI, I'M THE NEXT UPCOMING HACKMAGEDDON aka "Cyber Terrorism: wrong assumptions & true facts + what I hope will never happen!
Adam Zabrocki Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) under the hood. Video
Selene Giupponi A 2018 practical guide to hacking RFID/NFC Video
Damian Rusinek Outsmarting smart contracts - an essential walkthrough a blockchain security minefields Video
Adam Kostrzewa Who and why should fear hardware trojans? Video
Kamil Frankowicz "Small money, a lot of bugs" - Large scale bughunting dla typowego "Janusza"
Irena Damsky Detecting Phishing from pDNS Video
Dmitry Sklyarov,
Maxim Goryachy
Intel ME: Security keys Genealogy, Obfuscation and other Magic Video
Mike Godfrey,
Matt Carr
Hacking SCADA - How We Lost a Company £1.6M with only Four Lines of Code
Marco Balduzzi Behind the scene of malware operators. Insights and countermeasures.
Thomas Fischer Surfin on you CAN-bus Video
Paweł Czubachowski,
Wojciech Lesicki
Bezpieczeństwo przy tysiącach wdrożeń Video
Lucas Apa Hacking Robots Before Skynet Video
Piotr Bazydło Darknet traffic - what can we learn from nooks and crannies of the internet? Video
Igor Ivanov,
Daniil Yugoslavskiy
Practical intelligence-driven defense Video
Wojciech Reguła Jailbreak - dylematy hazardzisty w pentestach aplikacji iOS Video
Kacper Szurek Dlaczego mój komputer działa tak wolno? O potencjalnie niepożądanych aplikacjach słów kilka
Krystian Matusiewicz How quantum computing is changing cryptography
Marcin Pawłowski How quantum computing is changing cryptography
Borys Łącki Spear phishing - jak się bronić? Case studies Video
Michał Sajdak Hacking REST APIs - 20 cases Video
Piotr Peszko Security Awareness for VIPs. Piece of cake or a tough nut to crack? Video