CONFidence 15

18-19 may 2017

Hotel Forum, Kraków




About conference

With almost 800 attendees it was a record-breaking edition of CONFidence. Two tracks of technical lectures followed by CTF organized by Dragon Sector and a new addition - Community Corner. As usual, the afterparty of the conference took place on the first day.

CTF winners:
1st place - baloom
2nd place - P4
3rd place - Teamless

CONFidence as the biggest hacker meeting in Poland AGAIN!

Together we’ve turned CONFidence into a great success

The name of the biggest meeting of IT security community in Poland is still with CONFidence. This year we beat our record once again, hosting almost 800 wonderful people. Thank you for being with us!

The new version of CONFidence

The core elements of CONFidence 2017, which you valued the most: schedule, speakers, atmosphere, location.

Excellent speakers on stage

The high level of schedule would not be achievable without them.

The talks that really grabbed your attention were presented by: Michał Sajdak, Adam Lange, Borys Łącki, Sławomir Jasek, Adam Haertle, Dominik Rozdziałowski, Jos Weyers.

Cooperation with Partners

All of that new, great stuff wouldn’t be easy to carry out without the support of our Partners.

The companies that made the biggest impression on you: Cisco, ABB, ForSec

You really enjoyed it!

You told us that, apart from professional needs, the renown of CONFidence (40%) and the schedule (30%) were the key factors that convinced you to join us.

Most of you already plan to take part in the next edition - we’re now taking into account all of your suggestions and already working hard to prepare an even better event, so we’re counting on your presence!


Gaweł Mikołajczyk “Stories from the SOC - vol. 2017" Video
Michał Purzyński "Keeping Foxes secure, warm and fuzzy. Threat Management in Mozilla." Video
Moritz Willers Deploying Secure NFS in a Large Enterprise Video
Dominik Rozdziałowski "Odpowiedź organów ścigania na przesepczość związaną z nowoczesnymi technologiami" Video
Jos Weyers "Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys)" Video
Vladimir `vovcia’ Mitiouchev Hacking embedded with OpenWrt Video
Adam Burt, Piotr Pietras Gigamon: Narzędzie do eliminowania blind spotów w infrastrukturze sieciowej/Fidelis: Hiding in Plain Sight Video
Kacper Szurek Windows privilege escalation using 3rd party services Video
Filip Nowak Dlaczego strategia bezpieczeństwa to za mało? Video
Adam Lange "Wykorzystanie technologii webowych do wykrywania złośliwego oprogramowania u klientów bankowości internetowej"
Julie Gommes "Cryptography used for jihadism, from Internet to software" Video
Sławomir Jasek "Hacking Card Emulation - how to clone any Android HCE contactless card" Video
Aluc . When the digital hair stands up in your neck
Adam Haertle Amateur Persistent Threat
Jakub Goral Splunk – SIEM czy BI do logów?
Hasherezade Wicked malware persistence methods
mł. insp. Jan Klima Cyberprzestępczość – wyzwaniem w pracy Policji Video
Paweł Maziarz, Karol Celiński Hacker Inside Dude - all-in-one HID related platform Video
Krzysztof Liedel, Paulina Piasecka Człowiek w systemie bezpieczeństwa: strategie bezpieczeństwa uwzględniajace rolę obywatela Video
Attila Marosi Where should I host my malware Video
Koby Kilimnik Beyond Mirai: The new age of MDDoS attacks
Borys Łącki Red teaming in Poland - test cases Video
Pavol Luptak How governments push forward the security of cryptomarkets Video
Ivan Yushkievich, Alexander Bolshev SCADA and mobile in the IoT times Video
Robert Swiecki Escaping the (sand)box: The promises and pitfalls of modern computational load isolation techniques for Linux OS Video
Hackers vs SOC - 12 hours to break in, 250 days to detect Video