CONFidence 14

19-20 may 2016

Hotel Forum, Kraków




About conference

CONFidence 2016 was the next edition during which the Capture The Flag competition took place, which, as before, counted for the global classification! Organized by Dragon Sector - a Polish team under the command of Gynvael Coldwind Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk, who took first place in CTF matches in the world. Players taking part in Capture the Flag had to demonstrate skills such as cryptography, shorthand, programming, systems administration, defence and attacking networks.

Once again, we have raised topics such as cybercrime, IT security or online threats on the Polish market. The world's best specialists in the field of IT security had appeared on the stage. However, focusing on technical topics, we do not forget how important the atmosphere of CONFidence is - casual conversations are not only a source of valuable contacts but also great ideas.

The Flag was Captured

CTFs are always welocomed at CONFidence. Once again Dragon Sector prepared a great competition for you. There were 22 great teams - which was the best?

Congratulations to Tasteless!

The second place went to p4.
The third place went to 9447.

The speakers, who stand out

Our experts were generally appreciated, but there were several that made the biggest impression on you:

Mikko Hypponen, Piotr Konieczny, Michał Sajdak


Michał Horubala Błyskawiczna lekcja boksu Video
Gaweł Mikołajczyk Making sense out of the Security Operations Video
Wojtek Świątek Large-scale security - a practical and pragmatic view
Abraham Aranguren, Fabian Fäßler Smart Sheriff, Dumb Idea. The wild west of government assisted parenting Video
Marco Pacchiardo SOTI and Attacks Video
Jakub Kałużny, Mateusz Olejarka Big problems with big data - crash course on hacking Hadoop environments Video
Piotr Konieczny Niebezpieczni prawnicy
Marco Ortisi Recover a RSA private key from a TLS session with Perfect Forward Secrecy Video
Michał Sajdak Internet of Things - Internet of Bugs
Alexander Bolshev When the medicine is more dangerous than the disease: mobile antivirus security assessment Video
Maciej Sawicki AuthN i AuthZ w mikroserwisach
Ivan Yushkevich Wordlists: from statistics to genetic Video
Jacek Grymuza From a life of SOC Analyst Video
Mikko Hypponen State of The Net Video
Alex Plaskett QNX: 99 Problems but a Microkernel ain't one!
Artur Kalinowski Wyciek danych z pespektywy atakującego Video
Martin Knobloch Secure software, start appreciating your developers!
Dmitry Yudin, Dmitrii Chastuhin SAP, dos, dos, race conditions => rce Video
David Fuhr Lessons from Vanity. Zero-Knowledge Work, or: What To Trust The C[lr]o[uw]d With Video
Glenn ten Cate OWASP-SKF Making the web secure by design, become empowered, be THE Neo Video
Piotr Kaźmierczak, Seweryn Kucharski Red Team - najlepszy przyjaciel Blue Teamu Video
Mateusz Kocielski Torturing the PHP interpreter
Leszek Miś Honey(pot) flavored hunt for cyber enemy. Video
Marcin Kaczmarek Security and forensic projects based on Raspberry Pi devices. Video
Andrey Plastunov Simple bugs to pwn the devs Video
Sławomir Kosowski Introduction to iOS Application Security Testing Video
Krzysztof Cudak Designing security scenarios for capturing suspicious activities - yes it's possible
Alexander Antukh, Daniel Ramirez Martin Android RE and malware analysis 101 Video
Zakaria Rachid Game of kiosks : A song of touchable screens and hacking Video