CONFidence 13

25-26 may 2015

Hotel Forum, Kraków




About conference

IT security event taking place every May in Krakow, Poland. Celebrating 10 years anniversary, CONFidence has been so much more than just a conference! CONFidence is a two-days long hacking feast with top speakers, best lectures, new research, 0days, contests, workshops, discussions,accommodation in Hackers' Squad, parties…

CONFidence conference is behind us - what's new in the world of IT security?

CONFidence conference was a great success – more than 400 participants, 2 days of substantive lectures and a lot of unforgettable fun! One of the strongest points of the event was the OWASP track, that has attracted a huge audience. During the CONFidence 2015, a lot has happened – let’s sum it up!

This year’s agenda was full of hot names! Many well-known IT security specialists showed up on CONFidence’s stage as our speakers.

Which lectures were top rated?

Jim Manico, Michał Sajdak, Borys Lacki and Aluc Dracul are the speakers that have enjoyed the greatest popularity. According to our survey – their lectures were the best rated. You have also appreciated the lecture „The Modern Wired Terrorist Mind: Spy versus Bot versus Spy” by Richard Thieme.

Advantages of CONFidence 2015

In your opinion, great speakers and substantive lectures were the most important strength of CONFidence. You have also enjoyed our catering, location of the conference and a wonderful atmosphere!


Martin Nystrom Real World Threat Hunting Video
Richard Thieme The Modern Wired Terrorist Mind: Spy versus Bot versus Spy Video
Zoltan Bakos Security challenges in an ever-changing world (stories from a vendor) Video
Michal Horubala Let's play SOCer Security Operations Center i Teoria Chaosu. Video
Timur Khrotko AppSec, the untrustable dev Video
Omer S. Coskun iOS Hacking: Advanced Pentest & Forensic Techniques Video
Mateusz Kocielski Trust boundaries Video
Matt Johansen, Johnathan Kuskos The Top 10 Web Hacks of 2014 Video
Joaquim Espinhara, Rafael Silva MIMOSAWRITERROUTER - Abusing EPC on Cisco Router to collect critical data Video
Blazej Boczula Defensive Time-Out or unclear digressions about past present and future of Time & Security Video
Jim Manico Advanced HTTPS Defense Strategies Video
Alexander Bolshev, Ivan Iushkevich "SCADA and mobile: security assessment of the applications that turns your smartphone into a factory control room." Video
Karol Wiesek Abusing apns for profit Video
Matt Tesauro Lessons from DevOps: Taking DevOps practices into your AppSec Life Video
Jakub Kaluzny, Mateusz Olejarka Bypassing malware detection mechanisms in online banking Video
Michał Sajdak Unusual security problems in web applications. Video
Vaagn Tukharian Social Untrust Video
Peter Hlavaty when something overflowing... Video
Rafal Chyzy High Availability of Onet Sites and Services Video
Wojtek Dworakowski E-Banking Transaction Authorization - Common Vulnerabilities, Security Verification And Best Practices For Implementation Video
Daniel Shearer, Nick Zeeb How to Steal Bitcoins Video
Richard Thieme The Modern Wired Terrorist Mind: Spy versus Bot versus Spy Video
Slawomir Jasek The (Io)Things you don't even need to hack. Should we worry? Video
Aluc Dracul pgp you said? a crypto rant with aluc. Video
Andrey Plastunov Fuzz your way into the web server's zoo Video
Borys Lacki APT x 3 - trzy firmy, trzy wektory ataków, trzy do zera - wybrane studium przypadków Video
Frank Breedijk, Glenn ten Cate Automated Security scanning Video
Jaroslaw Sordyl CaaS (Crime-as-a-Service) – czy każdy może zostać cyberprzestępcą? Video
Andrzej Dyjak DTrace + OS X = Fun Video
Piotr Konieczny Od 1 e-maila do kradzieży 9 milionów. Case study ataku socjotechnicznego w Polsce.
Ewerson (Crash) Guimaraes Who put the backdoor in my modem? Video
Przemyslaw Skowron Analiza przypadku: Carbanak - jak uniknąć powtórki. Video